Friday, April 25, 2014

The People

Sandy beaches once devastated by a tsunami are now beautiful and full of people. Beaches are full of tourists enjoying the beautiful waves and amazing view forgetting their problems and the tsunami that had destroyed the very beach they sit. T-shirt shops and restaurants are full of customers and the owners and worker happy with the success. Thai men and women working to make items to sell in local shops and local restaurants creating dishes that would make anybody's mouth water. Adventures are endless and cameras are everywhere. It is almost hard to believe that a tsunami ten years ago made many of these pleasures almost disappear. In that time Thailand's tourism industry had practically made full recovery. Other than the broken hearts from the lives lost, Thailand is back on its feet. Travel daily news reports that Thailand tourism was at a record breaking high in 2013 and reports a possible increase in tourism in 2014.

When you look at the before and after images and stories of the Thailand tourism industry recovery, you can't help but think of the efforts made by the people of Thailand. Their lives were ruined; many of their homes were gone, there businesses in destroyed and they were left to grieve for loved ones never to return. Yet they have found a way to move on and make the best of what they have. They rebuilt and hoped that tourist would come to help them. Yes, it is up to us, tourists, to help the recovery, but there would be nothing to visit, to see, to purchase, eat and experiences to enjoy if it weren't for the Thai people rising above it all and making it possible for us to return to Thailand.

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